Friday, November 14, 2014

that's why she's Ruby Sky

she chirps and she chatters
her voice is  high and trill
and when she sings
she's the loudest
and the most shrill.
she flaps her hands
and gestures,
most awkwardly,
and accepts compliments
with agreement readily.
she'll take your things
and make you believe
yours they were not.
she's the centre of attention,
a bright little spot.
she's the sweetest
little ego and
we're all fully charmed,
with crooked smile
and twinkle eye,
she's fully armed;
the day is hers,
she's in the light
and on the go,
hopping to
and jumping fro,
the star of the
Ruby Sky show.

Monday, November 10, 2014

around here: warm things

It's fall, and the days are quite short and the nights quite chilly. Around here lately... other than going through 4,506 boxes of tissues because of a 10-day cold, I'm ready to get cozy for the upcoming winter.

And that means, homemade buns, and fabric.

 I made these this weekend to take to dinner at my mom's house... she made pumpkin soup and they were a great combo together. Plus, a little honey cinnamon butter is always a wonderful thing. I used this recipe for the buns.

And fabric. A lovely stack of fabric. A store was closing. It was on sale. I had to have it all.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Cocoa Daisy November kit tour: Weathervane!

It's another great month at Cocoa Daisy! Weathervane is bright, happy... and a little bit home-y and a little bit moody. LOVE IT.

Here's me unpacking my November kits this month. I have the main kit, Weathervane, plus add-ons Windchime and Here and There.