Thursday, March 05, 2015

Piles of Postcards!

In February I participated in the Piles of Postcard exchange, hosted and arranged by the lovely Sian of From High In the Sky.

We each sent out six postcards, featuring one of our favourite things, or something we loved.
We each received six postcards in return.

I sent postcards to the UK, the USA, and Columbia! I received five from England and one from Spain! It is super fun to think about all of these postcards of our various favourite things, zooming all over the world, with love. :)

 Here are the cards I received... from Sheena, Jane, Alison, Julie, Laura, and Ruth. Thank you, ladies.. each of your cards was a happy surprise to find in my dinged up old mailbox! :)
(Only linking to those ladies who included their blog address on their card)

While it was fun receiving cards... I loved making mine to send out. :) I made watercolour cards, and sketched and painted some of my favourite things. The blue pitcher was sent out in a few varieties. :)

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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

new year, new flowers

My first page for Calvinball! So excited. :) I am loving this month long scrapbooking session -- check it out at Get It Scrapped!

These flowers were from Paul on New Year's Eve this past year.. such a nice way to remember the old year and celebrate the new!

I went very collage-y on this page. Added in lots of faves from my stash.. gold heart flair, grey tulle, old leaves and new leaves and leaves I made and leaves I bought. :)

I tucked in another little cluster of bits in this empty space created by the triangle of three photos.. I used a Jenni Bowlin Studio wood veneer frame, a speech bubble I cut on my Cameo from gold foil, a kraft bobbin I made and wrapped with gold bakers's twine... and pins -- always my favourite -- pins. 
 A layout like this is a great stash buster! Just keep tucking in your faves until it feels full and done!

This big white bow was wrapped around the bouquet. I clipped it to the top of the layout with a watercolour bow snipped from my watercolour bow garland, and a green silk leaf I washed with gesso. 

The background is a few layers.. the top floral with the eyelet lace pattern cut out of it has been sitting in my pile of prepared backgrounds for almost two years now! The aqua/green one was a Cocoa Daisy cut file that never made it onto a finished page. Love stash diving for pieces like these!

Calvinball points:
Layout = 1 point
3+ photos on a page = 1 point
Use new, unopened product = 1 point
Use a typewriter =  1 point

Layout total = 4 points
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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

a good kind of day:

Fresh photos.
Fresh snow.
One girl home sick from school.
French toast for lunch.
Kids crazy.
Everyone happy.